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Can we get solar power to everyone who wants it?

By the end of 2016, the US was home to over 1 million household and commercial solar energy operations, with 4 times as many solar panels installed that year compared to just four years earlier. But if you don’t own the roof over your head, or can’t afford this kind of upgrade, are you left out of the solar energy revolution?

Enter solar gardens, banks of solar panels that are subscribed to by more than one home within the community. Shared solar options are becoming more popular, not only across the United States but around the globe. ProPublica’s Talia Buford hosts this episode of Hot Mess: Can We Get Solar Power To Everyone Who Wants It?

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Then watch more videos about solar projects around the world: The Solar Grandmothers of Ambakivao, Madagascar, using seawater and sunlight to grow sustainable food in the desert, designing solar panel walls that can recycle & heat greywater, and the Stanford Solar Racecar Project.

Bonus: Fourth graders create a solar powered classroom.

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