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Sonia Boyce, Barbara Hepworth, Yayoi Kusama, Georgia O’Keefe, and Dayanita Singh: 5 Women Artists’ Stories

“Do it because you’re thinking it and feeling it and it’s got to be expressed. So just get on with it.” These are the words of British Afro-Caribbean artist Sonia Boyce on the creation of art.

Boyce is one of the many artists included in the book Women’s Art Work: More Than 30 Female Artists Who Changed the World. The book’s illustrations help introduce these Five Women Artists’ Stories in the Tate Kids video above.

sonia boyce
Featured artists include Boyce, British sculptor Barbara Hepworth, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, American artist Georgia O’Keefe, and Indian bookmaker and photographer Dayanita Singh. They are just a few of the book’s biographies on women who have changed the art world through their questions, explorations, and creations.

yayoi kusama
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