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The Soothing Wetlands of Argentina

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Slow down and be present for a day in the wetlands of northern Argentina. Here, a few thousand plant and animal species thrive in the freshwater lakes, streams, marshlands, bogs, and swamps.

This 7.5-minute video from BBC Earth wanders The Soothing Wetlands of Argentina, one in a series called The Wild Place.

The Iberá Natural Reserve is a protected ecosystem where marsh deer, capybaras, Yacaré caiman, the scarlet headed blackbird, the Yabirú (Jabiru) stork, and more than 350 bird species contribute to 30% of Argentina’s biodiversity.

scarlet headed blackbird
From Argentina On The Go:

“Long before the Spanish colonization, the Iberá Wetlands were inhabited by the Guaraní. It was these very people who gave this 13,000-hectare wetland its name, which can be translated as meaning “bright water” in the Guaraní language. Today, this haven of wildlife, honored as a Wetland of International Importance in 2001 by the Ramsar Convention and declared a National Park in 2018, has become a habitat for some of the most diverse species that, very often, are in danger of extinction.”

birds take a capybara ride
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