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How do machines knit a sweater?

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Go behind the scenes at a South Korean knitting factory where most of the knitting is done by well-programmed machines. In this 13-minute Factory Monster video, skeins of yarn—known as hanks—are loaded into hank dyeing machines until the color matches the design.

from hanks to thread
After drying, the yarn is spun into thread, and loaded into panel knitting machines.

panel printer
From the close captioning, “this machine works just like a ‘printer’ in your home. It uses yarn instead of ink.”

panels to be sewn
The panels—arms, backs, and fronts—are stitched together by tailors with special sewing machines before they are finished with buttons, a wash, and ironing.

ironing the finished sweater
With the tagline “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking,” the FactoryMonster YouTube channel creates behind-the-scenes promotional videos for South Korean businesses.

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