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Spinning rainbow magnet sculptures by Magnet Tricks

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With 24mm x 4mm magnetic sticks, 8mm steel balls, and a few larger ball bearings, the Finland-based Magnet Tricks YouTube channel clicks together a few magnetic merry-go-round-like sculptures.

The first spinning magnet structure is all silver while the second half of the video shares rainbow designs. Chill music accompanies most of the footage.

magnetic structures

Blowing targeted air through a straw spins the pieces. The film’s creator also uses power tools to spin the Neobuildr sculptures for demonstration purposes, but it’s a trick they do not recommend: “High centripetal forces can catapult brittle magnets and steel balls with high velocity.”

As always, small magnets are also not for young children and are dangerous if swallowed at any age.

spinning rainbow magnet sculpture
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Bonus: The Solar Do-Nothing Machine and Tops, both by Charles and Ray Eames.

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