An AxiDraw v3 holds a cyan color pen. As the machine draws a single, continuous line, an image is revealed. Magenta, yellow, and black pens are added one-by-one, each creating a layer of color. The completed pieces are CMYK portraits, algorithmically-generated with code by software engineer and visual & generative artist Samer Dabra of

Dabra’s creative coding with the AxiDraw began with fluid random movement experiments, and evolved into abstracted line drawings within just a few months. He also tweaks the algorithm for each portrait, providing an ‘artist’s eye’ within the code.

Spongenuity portraits appeared on Instagram in August 2018. CMYK experiments followed in early September. In an email exchange, Dabra explains, “I like to move between different skin tones. I love seeing how the same 4 colours manage to create the diverging outcomes.”

Dabra has been creative coding for about two years. He notes, “I’m self taught and I’m learning as I go. If you’re interested in creative coding, there’s nothing stopping you from starting now.”

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