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The Kid Should See This

Steel track rolling ball sculptures by kinetic artist Tom Harold

With thin rails of hand-bent and welded stainless steel, kinetic artist Tom Harold creates intricate marble tracks full of twists, turns, hinges, and swirls. Titled ‘Tomfoolery,’ the piece above was specially made for the Indianapolis Public Library Central Branch and features wood blocks, a bell, and a xylophone. The accompanying music hearkens back to some of our favorite Mister Rogers videos.

Below, Harold’s Tick Tock Rolling Ball Sculpture provides close-ups of the tracks and mechanisms that allow the ball to travel from level to level.

Created for a racing fan, This High Gear Rolling Ball Sculpture includes a race car transmission gear, kart sprockets, and a marble-lifting chain.

Watch more of his videos on YouTube and on Instagram, including some Instructional and Buildup Videos on his site.

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