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Mechanical Tales: Wood automata toys by Stoccafisso Design

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Italian woodworker Amedeo Capelli handcrafts original automatons of whimsical animals, preoccupied ghosts, magical kites, and majestic heroines. Mice dance on cheese, foxes peek from behind trees, dinosaurs bob their heads to the music in their headphones, ghoulish bands play silent music; each scene is set in motion with a variety of cams, axles, cranks, and sliders.

dragon kite
The 30-year-old artisan makes each piece in his small carpentry and wood sculpture workshop, Stoccafisso Design in Varese, Italy.

Sketching fantastical characters, handcrafting with the wood, painting mischievous faces, and constructing simple components that totter, flutter, sway, and rattle, Capelli creates in the moment. Additional materials can include string, wire, pipe cleaners, paper, cloth, and glass.

ghoulish band
The video above shares a collection of Capelli’s charming wood automata toys: Mechanical Tales.

Follow Stoccafisso Design on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and at Etsy, where Amedeo Capelli sells his work.

peeking foxes
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