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Can you solve the stolen rubies riddle?

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Townspeople are demanding that a corrupt merchant’s collection of 30 rubies be confiscated to reimburse the victims of his schemes. The king announces that the fine will be determined through a game of wits between the merchant and the king’s most clever advisor – you. Can you outfox the merchant and win back the greatest amount of rubies to help his victims?

Learn how to solve the stolen rubies riddle, a TED-Ed lesson by Dennis Shasha, but try solving it first. Pause for the rules of the riddle at 2m4s:

stolen rubies riddle
And here’s the sponsored solution to the bonus riddle.

To practice solving more math puzzles, TED-Ed recommends this book by Shasha: The Puzzling Adventures of Dr. Ecco. We also highly recommend the One Minute Mysteries Book Series in the TKSST Gift Guide.

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