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Stoney and Silty, the Sediment Superheroes of Myanmar

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Rivers are the arteries of planet earth, providing life-giving water to crops, communities, cities and nature. In Myanmar, the Ayeyarwady is the lifeblood of the entire nation, fueling its agricultural production and economic growth. Like it’s past, Myanmar’s future depends on a healthy Ayeyarwady. So what’s the secret?

It’s time to meet Stoney and Silty – the sediment superheroes of the world’s rivers.

Learn how stones help shape rivers, how nutrient-packed silt feeds local fish, and what damage is caused when these staples of the ecosystem are interrupted by developments that aren’t sustainable.

This 2018 WWF International video for kids outlines the solutions to that challenge: Reduce deforestation, only build sustainable dams, and regulate sand mining. These changes can help keep the Ayeyarwady’s natural systems in balance. They also reveal how we can tackle similar challenges around the globe.

unsustainable dams
sustainable dams
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