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Delve into the relationship between flowers and humans: Story of Flowers 2

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Flowers in the garden, picked as a small gift or gathered into a larger one. Flowers as a centerpiece or as an aside. Flowers accompany us in our devastation and in our celebrations. They mark the seasons, both of the year and of our lives.

“Delve into the relationship between flowers and humans: the way we involve flowers in our lives through various cultures and practices…” This is Story of Flowers 2, directed by Tokyo-based botanical artist Azuma Makoto, illustrated by Katie Scott of the Welcome to the Museum books, and animated by James Paulley.

centerpiece flowers
Story of Flowers 2 is the second film in this botanical animation series, a sequel to Story of Flowers (2017). “It is our belief,” Makoto writes, “that flowers can encourage and heal, silently helping us move forward.”

funeral flowers
celebratory flowers

The animation looks at flowers not from a material viewpoint; instead seeing them as symbols of connection, a way we share emotions. It is Azuma’s vision to show children the deep connection between flowers and ourselves, and turn their eyes to the power and potential of flowers…

“We hope that this beautiful four-minute animation can be enjoyed by both children and adults across the globe, as we wish from the bottom of our hearts for the return of peaceful days.”

gift flowers on the subway
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