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Small kindness, big impact: How grocery runs strengthened a community

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Every week, Herman Travis loads up a heavy shopping cart full of groceries from a food bank and pushes it up a hill for delivery to elderly and disabled neighbors. It’s his way of helping his Holly Courts community, a 1940s-era affordable housing complex in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. And it’s built a stronger community over the years.

I’m doing something that people really need, and that makes me feel really good. So long as I got breath in my body, I’m going to continue doing it. I sleep good at night.

StoryCorps animation about Herman Travis
This StoryCorps animation, The Little Things, shares a conversation between Herman Travis and his friend and neighbor Robert Cochran as they talk about Travis’ day in and day out support of his neighbors in need.

The animation is by Ace & Son Moving Picture Co. Listen to the original 2014 interview here.

Robert Cochran talks about Herman Travis
How can we contribute to our communities in small ways that make a big impact?

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