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Stroboscopically animated tree ornaments

Created with an open source EggBot Pro kit, Jiří Zemánek of Advanced Algorithms for Control and Communications designed stroboscopically animated tree ornaments with custom patterns. The team also included Martin Gurtner, Krištof Pučejdl, and Filip Richter.

stroboscopic christmas ornaments
stroboscopic ornament patterns

The stroboscopic patterns are designed in MATLAB and drawn by EggBot Pro on colored glass Christmas ornaments. Motion of the balls is controlled by custom mechanism built using components from two Prusa i3 MK3 3D printers, like six stepper motors and two Rambo boards. On top of designing the patterns, which is Jiri’s hobby (when he is not busy with research) and building the whole contraption in a very short time, the team had to deal with issues including non-spherical ornaments, or how to use Rambo board to precisely control the velocity profiles.

evil mad scientist
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via Evil Mad Scientist.

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