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Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space in Ultra-HD 4K

From cameras filming on the International Space Station, enjoy this stunning ultra high definition 4K footage of planet Earth. Turn down the volume, full screen the vid, and put some classical music on.

Harmonic produced this show exclusively for NASA TV UHD, using time-lapses shot from the International Space Station, showing both the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis phenomena that occur when electrically charged electrons and protons in the Earth’s magnetic field collide with neutral atoms in the upper atmosphere.

Go behind the scenes with NASA, Harmonic, and the astronauts on ISS in this Harmonic promotional video, as they work to help bring these incredible images from space back down to Earth: The Creation of NASA TV UHD.

Enjoy more ISS: Adding color & fizz to floating water bubbles in microgravity.

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