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Swim With Manta Rays, the Ocean’s Peaceful Giants

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Andrea Marshall wanted to be a marine biologist. Now, she’s living out her dream with one of the ocean’s most amazing creatures. That is, Marshall studies and helps protect giant manta rays. While Marshall’s work takes her around the world, she calls the vast, undeveloped coastline of southern Mozambique her home. There, she dives, photographs and interacts with these enormous, gentle, intelligent creatures.

Swim with the giant manta rays in this Planet Earth episode of Great Big Story. Plus, an important note from the vid:

As a reminder, Dr. Marshall is a professional marine biologist. Please help keep our giant sea friends safe and NEVER TOUCH a manta ray in the wild.

Read more about the giant oceanic manta ray, and watch this previously featured video of Dr. Marshall and her work: Discovering A Second Species of Giant Manta Ray.

Plus: The largest school of rays ever caught on film, California Devil Rays Leap from the Pacific, The Basking Shark: A gentle giant with a piano-sized mouth, and When Your Job Is Saving The Ocean.

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