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The Swish Machine, a 70-step basketball trick shot Rube Goldberg Machine

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The Swish Machine is a 70-step, yard-size trick shot that starts and ends with basketball hoops. Between them, sports equipment, toys, tools, yard gear, and household goods create a wide variety of outdoor chain reactions that took a month to build and another month to successfully work. And it took a little over 100 times for each step to finally come together as planned.

YouTuber Creezy created and captured it all in one rather astounding continuous take, despite the elements (wind!) and any traditional Rube Goldberg Machine fails.

creezy basketball trick shot
Follow balls, marbles, toy cars, and trains as they travel from the driveway to around the house, on and off the roof, through the back yard, around a pond, into a play structure, down the hill through a specially made trench, and then over a sapling bridge to sink the shot. No cuts or edits. Creezy writes:

The GoPro MAX is a 360 camera, and I used it for this video so I did not have to stress about missing anything during the filming process. With the GoPro MAX, you can reframe your video after you film it, so it was impossible to miss any part of the machine when filming.

What’s your favorite component in this Swish Machine outdoor trick shot contraption? Which simple machine does it utilize?

rube goldberg chain reactions
hot wheels track
toy train
Also from Creezy: Follow the Blue Ball chain reaction machine.

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Bonus tricks: Pat the Roc in Let’s Go by Matt and Kim and STOMP makes basketball music with the Harlem Globetrotters.

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