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Sydney Kennett, the 14-year-old, record-setting indoor skydiver

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Fourteen-year-old Sydney Kennett has not only learned how to fly, but she’s put in enough practice in and out of the tunnel to become one of the world’s best indoor skydivers. She even set a Guinness World Record for the most straddle split spins in a minute.

Since the age of four, she’s danced on a jet of air created by four giant fans. They blow air through the 12-foot wide vertical tunnel at speeds of over 100 miles per hour, creating “turbulent free controllable wind” that can lift humans off the ground. Instant bodyflight… with some training.

wind tunnel engineering
This 2020 Wired Obsessed video shares how the technology keeps her aloft while this three-time USA Jr. Open Freestyle Champion demonstrates the skills: How This Girl Takes Indoor Skydiving to the Next Level.

Sydney Kennett
Then watch her at age 11 in this 2017 promo video:

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