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Take Charge: RSC’s Global Battery Experiment

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When we use fossil fuels, including coal, petroleum, and natural gas, we release carbon dioxide (CO2) into our Earth’s atmosphere, and that contributes to human-induced climate change. An alternative: Using clean energy and storing it in better batteries than we have now.

Choose an investigation. Share your data. View the results. Make a commitment. Find the Global Battery Experiment here, complete with two investigations to choose from.

make a battery
From Fran Scott and The Royal Society of Chemistry:

“At the moment, we have disposable alkaline batteries – which we use in items such as remote controls, toys and tools – and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are mainly used in phones, tablets and electric vehicles. But to power and heat our homes and other buildings without using fossil fuels, we need bigger, better batteries – and we will need scientists to develop them.

“Taking part in our global battery experiment will help you to understand how batteries work and their huge potential as a tool in the transition to more sustainable sources of energy. And it might inspire you to study further and even pursue a career as a scientist working towards a brighter energy future.”

toys with batteries
charging cars
Target age ranges for the challenge are from 9 to 14 but anyone can join in and share results throughout 2022:

“They have different levels of complexity, and require different equipment, but both offer the opportunity to make your own coin battery. In the process, you’ll learn more about batteries and how they work, as well as getting the chance to practise scientific enquiry skills.”

Research engineer Dr. Zubera Iqbal, energy storage specialist Dr. Jenny Baker, and PhD Researcher Haydn Francis are all featured.

phone batteries
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