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What are those floaty things in your eye? – TED Ed

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Have you ever seen something small and strangely transparent float into your field of vision? …as if it’s on your eyeball?

No, you’re not seeing things! And no, those are not microscopic bugs or bits of dust in your eye! These objects are commonly referred to as floaters, or more officially Muscae Volitantes, and they’re native to your body. Want to see them now? Look at the white spaces on this page, or try looking at an almost all white page on your computer…

In this revealing, rather eye-opening video, TED Ed explains floaters and the Blue Field Entopic Phenomenon, “white blood cells moving in the capillaries in front of the retina of the eye.” They can be seen as darting dots of light when looking up at the blue sky.

Follow this video up with a close up or two of the human eye, more TED Eds about the body, and Thailand’s Moken people who have developed incredibly clear underwater vision.

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