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The Kid Should See This

Ten easy science experiments for kids at home

Learn how to recreate nine easy science experiments that can be put together with balloons, baking soda, water, vinegar, straws, string or thin ribbon, old CDs, glass or plastic bottles, and other things from around the house. This 2016 video from the mom blog Raising da Vinci demonstrates each one with quick and clear examples.

Experiments include an Imploding Can, Bending Water, Balloon Racers, Exploding Bag, and Balloon Inflator. The tenth experiment includes the element gallium, which can be ordered online or explored in these videos.

bouncy egg
cloud bottle
balloon hovercraft
The following videos include more in-depth versions of experiments shared above. Watch them next:
• Cloud In A Bottle
• Bouncy Egg
• Invisible Ink
• DIY Hovercraft
• Exploring Gallium

Plus, watch and try more DIY experiments for all ages, including how to build your own Wave Machine physics demo and how to make a cotton ball launcher.

Bonus: Ri’s ExpeRimental science series for kids.

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