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The Amazing Art of Bread Baking in Tajikistan

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From National Geographic, this is how traditional, homemade Tajik non is baked in a tanur oven in Kumsangir, Tajikistan. Round and flat, it’s a huge part of meals in Tajikistan, where many areas are non-arable, and “where bread makes up a large part of peoples’ average daily caloric intake.” From Firuza Ayubzoda:

For Tajikistanis perhaps there is nothing more dear and special than the smell and taste of freshly oven-baked bread! It is the taste of our childhood and our homeland…

Back in old days, when I watched my grandmother bake bread, I was endlessly curious about how bread stuck on the inner walls of our Tanur and rarely fell down. Eventually though, after taking physics classes at school, I finally realized that it is a high temperature that keeps the bread hanging on, and that’s the reason why tanur is thoroughly heated before baking.

The tool making decorative patterns is called a nonpar. You can see more photos of the bread along the oven walls at

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