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The Arctic vs. the Antarctic

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If you’re first learning about them, the Arctic and the Antarctic might be a bit confusing. Which one is which? Where are the penguins and where are the polar bears? Which is made of melting ice and which is a desert? And where are the North and South Poles?

This handy TED Ed from 2013 explains everything: The Arctic vs. the Antarctic from Camille Seaman and Provincia Studio. Related watching:’s North Pole Web Cam and South Pole Live Camera.

To learn more, we recommend March of the Penguins, a harrowing yet kid-friendly documentary about the emperor penguin’s life in the Antarctic, as well as The Polar Bear, a wonderfully illustrated non-fiction book by Jenni Desmond. Both are in the TKSST Gift Guide.

Next: More arctic and more Antarctica, including Science and survival on Continent 7 and Drifting With the Ice: Life on an Arctic Expedition.

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