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The art of suminagashi or Japanese paper marbling

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Watch artisan Tadao Fukuda as he creates beautiful handmade marbled papers, an art called suminagashi (墨流し) in Japanese. From

Mr.Fukuda is in his eighties and very energetic to have had his marbling paper workshops everywhere in Japan and even in overseas… In the workshop, you don’t make paper but design a picture with ink colors. You will use two brushes ; one dipped in ink mixed with pine resin and the other dipped only in pine resin, and dip them again into a shallow vat filled with water one after the other. Then layers of circle appears on the surface of the water. By making a wave with a fan or your breath, the circles change the form to be a unique design.

Paper marbling has a long history across Asia, Europe, and the Islamic World. Watch this next: The traditional Turkish paper marbling art of Ebru.

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