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The Birth of a Snowflake (A snowflake melts in reverse)

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What if puddles turned into snowflakes? If they did, it might look something like this: YouTuber Armand9x filmed this snowflake melting and then ran it backwards to create The Birth of a Snowflake, a short but sweet 20 second clip that only exists thanks to technological assistance. From Science Alert:

It’s something you’ll never actually see in real life, so it’s fun to watch it in this footage. In reality, snowflakes form up in the atmosphere when a piece of dust or pollen comes into contact with extremely cold water to create an ice crystal. As this crystal falls to the ground, water vapour starts freezing onto it, which forms the six intricate arms of what will end up being a snowflake.

But if puddles did turn into snowflakes, just imagine how the snow would fly when we stomped in huge rain puddles.

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