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The Celluveyor, a robot-wheel conveyor belt system

Conveyor belts help factories around the world move foods, parts, and packages quickly and efficiently from station to station. Each system is configured to that company’s needs, sorting and pushing them in surprising ways. This promotional demonstration by Cellumation shares how the celluveyor levels up this efficiency.

The set up was inspired by robots playing a football (soccer) match. “After some thinking we decided to turn the robots upside down and move the football field on the robot wheels.” From their site:

A cell consists of a hexagonal unit with omnidirectional wheels and an intelligent control system. The cells can simply be clicked together into larger modules. Thus, the celluveyor can built in any shape and size. Our single wheel steering technology allows conveying objects freely in all directions and orientations. With this even complex material flow applications can be performed on minimal space.

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