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The Dance Hall: A-Z of African Dance

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Azonto, bolo, coupé décalé, dialgati, ëpukay, flékélé, funana, gweta, hapingo, ikoku, jazzé, kizomba, logobi, mulay ceuguin, ndem, oriental, pantsula, rass, rimbaxpaxpax, sabar, skelewu, taracha, thiaxagün, vooga, wati dance, xeccël mbalu jënn, youza, and zoropoto.

This is A-Z of African Dance by Senegal’s Dance Hall, a Dakar dance center founded by 26 year old Mariama Touré. She was recently featured in this Google Business Talks profile/commercial where she talks about the A-Z video:

Related dance and community: The Chamarrita, Re:Rosas, the trailer, amazing swing and lindy hopping, and more.

Thanks, @YannDiongarane.

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