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The Kid Should See This

The Dinner Feeder

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The Dinner Feeder is an artfully-timed Rube Goldberg-style, chain reaction-driven meal by Joseph Herscher of Joseph’s Machines. It’s a long-awaited sequel to The Lunch Feeder. He writes:

For all the workaholics who don’t have time to eat, this machine will feed you peas, potato, asparagus, chicken and even a cupcake and coffee!

dinner feeder pea-powered
As fans of his entertaining engineering, we’re proud supporters of Joseph’s Machines on Patreon. If you’re interested in seeing more of his machines, join us.

clock with potatoes
Watch more of his creations on this site, including The Cake Server, The Dresser, Pass the Salt, and his What’s Your Problem? series.

Bonus: Charlie Chaplin & the Billows Feeding Machine.

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