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The Distance I Can Be From My Son – Lenka Clayton

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How far can a toddler get before you need to run after him? What factors help you decide what’s almost too far for safety? For sight? For comfort?

In her project Residency in Motherhood, Pittsburgh-based British conceptual artist Lenka Clayton wanted to find out in “a series of videos that attempt to objectively measure the farthest distance I am able to be from my son in a variety of environments.” The Distance I Can Be From My Son.

Above: Back Alley. Below: Park and Supermarket.

We also love her other projects and collections, including Confetti Stack, Alphabetical Receipt #2, 63 Objects Taken From My Son’s Mouth, and Perfect Spheres from the Supermarket.

Plus: More collections, a few more parenting projects inspire by kids — Making Spirograph Pancakes and a dad that’s revolutionizing sanitation — and Lost Boy Remembers His Way Home, an old favorite.

via Cup of Jo.

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