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The Dreams of an Astronaut – with Helen Sharman

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The first in a series of videos that explores the impact of space exploration on humanity, The Royal Institution presents The Dreams of an Astronaut, an animated interview with Dr. Helen Sharman, a chemist and the first British astronaut. She was selected for the job on live television in November, 1989.

What do astronauts dream of? How do they feel while they float above the clouds? In 1991 Helen Sharman became the first Briton in space; in this animation, hand-drawn by Ri animator-in-residence Andrew Khosravani, Sharman shares a dream she often has about returning to space, and talks about what it’s like to gaze down on the earth from above.

The animation is a part of ‘A Place Called Space’, the Royal Institution’s space-themed 2015 advent calendar. Related infographic: Who’s been to the ISS?

There are more videos with female astronauts on this site.

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