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Driving the newly restored 1910 Fiat S76 ‘Beast of Turin’

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Spewing exhaust, sparks, and flames, this 1910 Fiat S76 was unofficially the fastest car that existed in 1911. It definitely looks fast… and sounds loud. The vehicle was recently restored by owner Duncan Pittaway, a ten year process, and roared to life in December for a first time in 100 years:

These two videos by filmmaker Stefan Marjoram showcase The Beast of Turin, the historic Fiat’s moniker in its heyday. From

Just two S76s were produced by the Italian manufacturer, with the aim of snatching the records for the flying kilometre and flying mile from the ‘Blitzen’ Benzes. The S76 achieved the mile record with Pietro Bordino at the wheel at Saltburn Sands in 1911 and was officially recorded at over 135mph on a kilometre attempt at Oostenede in Belguim, only to be denied the record as it was unable to complete a return run within the specified one hour.

Watch that 1913 land speed record attempt in Belgium:

According to Goodwood, Fiat dismantled the other S76 to keep competing car companies from copying Fiat’s technology, while this one was bought and sold around the globe for a century before being restored in the UK.

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