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The Four Spheres (Geo, Bio, Hydro, & Atmo) with Crash Course Kids

The ground or geo-sphere, water or hydro-sphere, air or atmo-sphere, and life or bio-sphere: Earth and everything on it can be organized into these four distinct yet interconnected subsystems. Knowing more about each of them can help us better understand how they can interact or balance each other out, and how our home planet functions as a whole.

In these two episodes of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina Cruz explains what’s contained in each one. Above, Four Spheres Part 1 (Geo and Bio), and below, Part 2 (Hydro and Atmo):

And by the way, you don’t have to be a kid to learn a little something from this information-packed, adorably-animated educational series. Watch more Crash Course Kids, including Gotta Eat! and Feed Me: Classifying Organisms.

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