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The Globe: Exploring the world’s largest container ship

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Chase the world’s largest container ship, The Globe, as it arrives at England’s Port of Felixstowe for the first time. At more than 400m (1,312ft) long by 56.8m (186ft) wide, and carrying 19,100 containers, this China Shipping Container Lines ship is at record-breaking capacity:

That’s estimated to be enough space for 156 million pairs of shoes, 300 million tablet computers or 900 million standard tins of baked beans… Laid end-to-end, the maximum number of containers on board would stretch for 72 miles, the distance between Felixstowe and London, or Birmingham and Manchester.

Surprisingly, the ship needs only 20-30 people on board. Their jobs focus on operating the ship, making sure that containers are secure, and maintaining the huge engine. You can read more about the ship’s size, crew, engine, cost, and the even larger ship that the Mediterranean Shipping Company is launching only 53 days after The Globe’s launch, at BBC News.

Related watching: MBARI researches the impact of sunken shipping containers, see how shipping containers are made, and check out a time lapse the largest ship in the world being built (as of March 2013).

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The original video was pulled down, but you can watch it in its entirety at BBC News

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