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The Kid Should See This

The Growing Cycles of Vegetables – Farm foods grow in time lapse

Through this series of time lapse films, artist and fourth generation farmer Matthew Moore chronicled the food that he grows — radishes, kale, crookneck squash, and broccoli — over the course of their growing cycles.

In 2010, he began working on a project called the Digital Farm Collective to document agricultural knowledge, scientific agricultural data, and stories from farmers, as well as to better connect the public to how our food is grown. In this video, he asks, “If you knew that it took 140 days to grow just one single carrot, could that change the way you think about the produce that you eat?”

We love seeing the seeds first, how the shadows indicate the sun’s movement across the sky, and how the plants almost seem to be breathing, movement corresponding to the light and heat that we can’t see as well without time lapse.

In the archives: From seed to sapling: Time lapse of an oak tree, Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) time lapse of growth, and growing wheatgrass sprouts.