In feat after feat of skill, precision, and teamwork, the men and women of the Kukkiwon taekwondo demonstration team astonish their audience with 19 minutes of high-flying gymnastic martial arts. This performance, which includes choreographed sparring, was a part of the 2018 Jeju World Taekwondo Hanmadang opening ceremony.

Though it’s become popular in edited versions posted to Facebook, the original video, filmed by ericdaryl, shares their entire performance, including stunts that didn’t go as smoothly in the live show. The few challenging moments make the flying, flipping, spinning, twisting, kicking, gravity-defying highlights look even more astounding.

The world Taekwondo Hanmadang, which shows the essentials of the martial art such as breaking, self defense and poomsae, is a contest held every year by Kukkiwon.” The 2018 event was from July 28th through 31st.

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