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The Kenguru Wheelchair-Accessible Electric Vehicle

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Made especially to give wheelchair users a way to drive independently, the Kenguru Wheelchair-Accessible electric vehicle goes up to 25mph with a range of 45-60 miles, perfect for driving to the grocery store or for meeting up with friends at a local restaurant. With an estimated 1.7 million wheelchair users in the US, this zero-emission concept car could make a difference for many people when it goes into production.

Originally from Budapest, (Kenguru is Hungarian for kangaroo), the Pflugerville, Texas-based car company is helmed by former European carmaker Istvan Kissaroslaki, and former intellectual patent attorney and current Community Cars, Inc CEO Stacy Zoern.

Zoern tells their story in this 2012 Translogic video:

The EV will sell for around $25,000. Read more at NYT in 2013: An E.V. That Wraps Around a Wheelchair.

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Thanks, @s_munro8.

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