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The Lick, a seven-note musical phrase played on 91 instruments

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An often-played seven-note phrase in jazz and pop music, the Lick has recently gained popularity in playful internet videos and memes. Example: The lick on 91 instruments, an original track by Minneapolis-based professional musician Luke Pickman, aka InstrumentManiac on YouTube.

Pickman plays strings, woodwind, brass, keyboards, and percussion in the song, from large instruments like the contrabass clarinet and pedal harp to the thumb-played kalimba and the toy-like otamatone.

Some background from Wikipedia:

“The Lick consists of seven notes, using five steps on a diatonic scale. The interval pattern is 1 (unison) – 2 (major second) – β™­3 (minor third) – 4 (perfect fourth) – 2 (major second) – β™­7 (lower seventh) – 1 (unison). In jazz, it is played swung, sometimes including a glissando or grace note before the fifth note.”

bass flute
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