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The Kid Should See This

The Little Bird and the Bees, a spring tale

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“The little bird enjoys the blossoms of his maple tree high above the ground. All of a sudden, a mysterious humming sound sends the little bird on a journey to a magical world of flowers and bees.

“However, the red fox is not far away and tries to catch the little bird. Little does the red troublemaker know that a rather unpleasant surprise awaits him at the beehive.”

See what happens to the fox, the flightless Little Bird, and the Bees (Der kleine Vogel und die Bienen) that live on a nearby hill. The animated short is one in a Little Bird series by animator and illustrator Lena von Döhren.

the bird and the bee
playing the flowers
watching the bees
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Bonus: The first 21 days of a bee’s life, a time lapse in 64 seconds.

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