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The Lost-Wax Casting Process

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How were ancient sculptural pendants, amulets, and figurines cast in gold? This video from the Cleveland Museum of Art features a small golden pendant from the 5th through 8th centuries, an example of an object made with the lost-wax casting process.

Note: The wax casting process was not lost; the wax was most likely lost in the casting process, as demonstrated.

the waxen sculpture with vents
From the video narration:

“The ancient metalsmiths of Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia were masters of lost wax casting, which they used to create intricate gold ornaments of many kinds. This animation reconstructs the stages involved in casting one Panamanian pendant, but the principles also apply to other cast objects from the region.”

pouring molten gold in the mold
And lost-wax casting was used to make art and objects around the globe for thousands of years.

close up of a gold figural pendant
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