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The magic formula for Milk Bar’s strawberry-lemon cake truffles

How does the team at the award-winning bakery Milk Bar make their delicious cake truffles? Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi demonstrates how you can make them at home with her strawberry-lemon cake truffles recipe. And she makes it look easy: Cake + binder + scooping + coating + crumbs.

Tosi says kids especially enjoy making these, although it can be a great group activity for parties of any age. Fun also means letting yourself be free to try whatever flavor and ingredient combinations you want. “Get creative with what’s in your pantry,” Tosi says.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas to get you going.

• chocolate cake + kirsch + dark chocolate + freeze-dried cherries

• chocolate cake + peanut butter thinned with milk + dark chocolate + ground peanut butter cereal (e.g. Panda Puffs)

• vanilla cake + lemon juice + white chocolate + pistachios

• vanilla cake + caramel sauce + white chocolate + graham crackers

• chocolate cake + beer + milk chocolate + pretzels

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