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The magic of the macaroni LEGO brick

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“This brick is officially known as “Round Corner 4 x 4 Macaroni Wide with 3 Studs” (part number 48092),” Brick Bending YouTuber Jeff Sanders writes in the caption of this macaroni LEGO brick video, “and it’s another amazing part I’ve recently circled back to and expanded upon. So much potential in this little piece.”

See what brick-bending magic can happen with 30 of these 29 cent macaroni LEGO brick pieces, connected in a way that transforms them from a starburst to a wobbly wheel.

macaroni pieces
brick bending
Then watch how Sanders snaps these curved bricks together after commenter Daniel Bickford asks, “…does the compressed version fit inside the expanded version?”

two versions of the wheel

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