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The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Self-Driving Concept Car

In the world of self-driving concept cars, this Cool Hunting video might have captured one of the more futuristic looking ones, and perhaps one of the more ambitious when it comes to energy: The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Concept car, a 2030 prototype that boasts a goal of 1,100 kilometers (683.5 miles) of zero-emission driving. From The Verge:

As I chat with Vera Schmidt, a user interface designer who works out of Mercedes’ Silicon Valley R&D center, she calls the F 015 a concept car, then catches and corrects herself. “It’s a research car, not a concept car,” she says. Concept cars often foreshadow an automaker’s design direction, which is always a primary topic of conversation at international auto shows; the F 015, on the other hand, is basically a rolling laboratory.

The lab includes swivel lounge chairs, six interactive display screens, French doors, LED exterior displays, a laser projection system to create a pedestrian crosswalk in front of the car, a fuel cell hybrid system, and more.

What would your concept car for the year 2030 look like?

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