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The Natural World, Joy, and Human Becoming, an On Being animation

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Choreographed around the words of ornithologist J. Drew Lanham, environmental biology professor Robin Wall Kimmerer, acoustic biologist Katy Payne, and writer Robert Macfarlane, this two-and-a-half-minute animation is an ode to The Natural World, Joy, and Human Becoming.

birds taking to the sky
The video honors the acts of noticing and cultivating appreciation, as well as re-establishing humanity’s essential connection with nature. It was directed by Katy Wang and Gabriel Greenough, and is featured with The On Being Project’s ‘A Wild Love for the World’ Starting Point:

“…a collection designed to accompany the exploration of our relationship with the natural world, including how a relationship of care might be inviting us to reconnect, replenish, and repair within the contexts of our lives, emboldening us to live into the generative future we hope is possible.”

foods and medicines
In the video’s conclusion, Robert McFarlane asks:

“Look at the gift of being ‘now,’ look at the astonishing responsibility of legacy leaving. And what will our time leave? That, for me, is the big anthropocene question, and it’s ‘are we being good ancestors?'”

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