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The Kid Should See This

The Pseudo Fossil Challenge

Pseudo means that something isn’t real. A fossil is “the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms from the remote past.” A pseudofossil might be mistaken for a fossil, but was actually created from inorganic materials or impressions. See: Dendrites.

In this video, Coma Niddy, aka Mike Wilson, challenges The Dinosaur Show‘s Dustin Growick to figure out if these objects are fossils or pseudofossils. Make your own guesses before the answers are revealed!

Next: Fossil hunting in unexplored dinosaur country, In Search of Fossil Fish, how petrified wood is made, and why are there oyster shells in the ‘Chalk Pyramids’ of Kansas?

Bonus: How do you find water bears (tardigrades) in the wild?