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The Secrets of the Deep Ocean

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“The ocean covers over 70% of our planet. And yet, what we know about it barely scratches the surface. Beneath its swell is a largely unexplored universe, until recently, beyond the gaze of human eyes. So why do we know so little about the ocean?

“For a start, immense pressure presents huge challenges for divers and equipment alike. In many ways, it’s easier to send a mission to space. But with new technology, such as submarine robots, this hidden realm is starting to reveal its secrets. So, what’s down there?”

undersea canyons
Earth’s 1,419,120,000 cubic kilometers of ocean water fills “the highest peaks, deepest canyons, and longest river channels on the planet.”

These normally unseen recesses of Earth, places like the Mariana Trench, are home to lifeforms that help create the oxygen we breathe, yet-to-be-discovered marine creatures, traces of human activity in the form of plastic waste, 46-meter (150-foot) long swirling siphonophores, and so much more.

The Secrets of the Deep Ocean explores both the wonder and the imminent challenges found in these miraculous waters. The conservation-minded animation is a collaboration between The Royal Society and BBC Ideas.

sea turtle
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