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The spectacular birth of baby slugs

How many different stories can one patch of land yield? The BBC’s The Lake District: A Restless Year attempts to find out in their portrait of this charming area in northwest England… including its baby slugs.

In one of these stories, slugs speed across a rock in hyperlapse video clips. Their translucent eggs, protected by the damp crannies within the rock, will soon hatch, ensuring the next generation of local soft-bodied detritivores. Plus, more about the program:

“Timelapse photography shows how the landscape changes over a year, while stories follow individual animals like red squirrels gathering nuts, Herdwick sheep raising their young and grey seals gathering on the coastline. It is a beautiful film offering a new perspective on the interdependent relationships between the landscape, the wildlife and the people who make their living from the land.”

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