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The Tea Twister – The science behind Teh Tarik (pulled tea)

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Remember the Teh Tarik vendor spinning and pouring tea in Bangkok‘s Chatuchak Weekend Market? What’s going on with the tea as it spins and falls from one cup to the other? How do they do that?

Teh Tarik (pulled tea) is black tea with either condensed or evaporated milk, frothed on top from being artfully poured back and forth from great heights. Many of the videos found online show it being made in the Bangkok, Thailand outdoor markets, as seen in the Tea Twister video above, but it’s also very popular in Singapore and Malaysia.

File under centrifugal forces and gravity: The Science Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Science explains what’s happening. Next: Head outside and practice this twist + pour physics trick with two (or four) cups and some water.

Also: More spinning and another Outrageous Acts clip: The Triple Point.

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