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The Kid Should See This

The Toy Piano Virtuoso: Margaret Leng Tan

From New York City’s Carnegie Hall to venues all around the world, classically-trained musician Margaret Leng Tan performs concerts on her collection of toy pianos… as well as toy drums, catfood cans, soy sauce dishes, and other would-be instruments. Called “the doyenne of toy pianos” by The New York Times, she was the first woman to graduate with a doctorate from Juilliard in 1971.

She follows the credo, “Poor tools require better skills,” and says that playing the toy piano beautifully has taken her years to master.

File under: practice. From Great Big Story, meet The Toy Piano Virtuoso.

Next: Boomwhacker Bach and what does the huge Octobass sound like?

h/t Kottke.

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