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The Wind and the Sun, an illustrated fable in English, French, and German

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Who is stronger, the wind or the sun? The wind believes that he’s stronger and demands to prove it with a contest. Can he convince a traveler to remove his coat, or will the sun prevail in the bet? In the fable of The Wind and the Sun, the wind’s coercion fails, but the sun’s gentle warmth persuades the traveler to shed a layer, illustrating that kindness and sensitivity are stronger than force.

This illustration-filled video by Italian publisher ELi shares the classic story from Aesop, complete with a song (at 6m30s), a farmer named Max, a donkey called Caramel, and a goat named Snowflake.

cold strong wind gusts at the travelers
the sun shines with warmth and kindness
With Le Vent et le Soleil, ELi shares the story in French. Qui est le plus fort des deux? Le vent n’a pas de doute c’est lui mais le soleil n’est pas d’accord:

The publisher also shares Der Nordwind und die Sonne in German: Wer ist stärker, der Wind oder die Sonne?

There’s also a shorter version in English from the National Film Board of Canada.

Bonus: The Lion and the Mouse (1976), an animation by Evelyn Lambart.

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