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This Book is a Planetarium by Kelli Anderson

How can a book illuminate constellations, play music, and create spirograph drawings? This stop-motion promo video for the pop-up book This Book is a Planetarium demonstrates how… and introduces a few scientific concepts along the way. From Chronicle Books:

Defying every expectation of what a book can be, this pop-up extravaganza transforms into six fully functional tools: a real working planetarium projecting the constellations, a musical instrument complete with strings for strumming, a geometric drawing generator, an infinite calendar, a message decoder, and even a speaker that amplifies sound.

A fresh and artful take on some age-old scientific wonders, the book was an ambitious challenge for Brooklyn-based artist and designer Kelli Anderson. Go behind-the-scenes with her and her paper prototypes:

You can find it at or on Amazon, along with one of Anderson’s 2015 endeavors: This Book is a Camera.

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