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This Is Not A Bee

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How do you know if a bee is actually a bee? It’s yellow and black and has stripes, which looks just like a honeybee, but… could that bee actually be a fly, a wasp, or a moth? In this super helpful video from MinuteEarth, we learn some useful details that can help us identify all of those other insects that may look like bees but aren’t: This Is Not A Bee.

We also recommend Bees: A Honeyed History, a wonderfully illustrated book that explores the honey bee life cycle, swarms, the Waggle Dance, beehives, pollination, flowers and our food, bees and dinosaurs, and more.

Next, watch The first 21 days of a bee’s life, a time lapse in 64 seconds and Meet the Natives: Can wild bees also pollinate our plants & crops?

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